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- Gary Banks
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- Kathryn Dominguez

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- Ian MacFarlane
- Former RBA Governor 
- (Goldman Sachs)

- Charles Perrings
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- Economics
- (UQ)

- John Quiggin
- Head of RSMG
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- Adonis Yatchew
- Editor ‘The Energy Journal’
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- Joshua Gans
- Professor of Management
- (Information Economics)
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The Economic Society of Australia warmly welcomes you to the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia for the 37th Australian Conference of Economists.
The Society was formed 83 years ago in 1925. At the time, the Society was opposed to declarations of policy and instead focused on open discussions and encouraging economic debate. Nothing has changed today, with the Society and the conference being at the forefront of encouraging debate.
This year we have a large number of papers dealing with Infrastructure, Central Banking and Trade.
Matters of the greatest global importance invariably boil down to be economic problems. Recent times have seen an explosion of infrastructure spending, after world-wide population growth has seen demand outpace aging supply. The world has become more globalised than at any time since World War I but the benefits of this (and the impact on our climate) has been questioned by some.
At the time of preparing for this conference we could not have known that it would have been held during the largest credit crisis since the Great Depression. The general public and politicians both look to central banks for the answers.
We are also very pleased to see a wide selection of papers ranging from applied economics to welfare economics. An A – Z of economics (well, almost).
Another feature of this conference is that we have gone out of our way to bring together economists from all walks of life, in particular from academia, government and the private sector. We are grateful to all of our sponsors, who are as diverse as the speakers.

Unless we have specifically been requested to do otherwise, all the papers presented at the conference are published in the proceedings in full. A small number of papers will have versions that have also been made available for special editions of Journals, Economic Analysis and Policy, and the Economic Record. Authors will retain the right to seek additional publication for papers presented at the conference so long as it differs in some meaningful way from those published here.
The opinions expressed in the papers included in the proceedings are those of the author(s) and no responsibility can be accepted by the Economic Society of Australia Inc, Economic Society of Australia (Queensland) Inc, the publisher for any damages resulting from usage or dissemination of this work.

Proceedings of the 37th Australian Conference of Economists

Papers delivered at ACE08
ISBN 978-0-9591806-4-0

Published November 2008
© Economic Society of Australia (Queensland) Inc
GPO Box 1170
Brisbane 4001
Queensland Australia

All the abstracts from the papers are available in a separate document. Please download this document to use as a reference for the published papers.
Download Abstracts pdf

Ackland, Robert, Steve Dowricky and Benoit Freyensz:
Measuring Global Poverty: Why PPP Methods Matter.
Download pdf

Alam, Khorshed:
An Economic Analysis of the Public-Private-Community Partnership: The Case of Solid Waste Management.
Download pdf

Alam, Khorshed and Md Shahiduzzaman:
Inflation and food security: Some emerging issues in developing countries.
Download pdf

Anbarci, Nejat and Jungmin Lee:
Discretionary Behavior and Racial Bias in Issuing Traffic Tickets: Theory and Evidence.
Download pdf

Anderson, Kym, James Giesecke and Ernesto Valenzuela:
Distorted Agricultural Incentives and Australian Economic Development.
Download pdf

Bandara, Jayatilleke S:
Trade Liberalisation and Poverty: The South Asian Experience
Download pdf

Bashar, Omar H.M.N.:
Does Monetary Policy Matter in a Less Developed Economy? Evidence from Bangladesh.
Download pdf

Basov, Suren:
Monopolistic screening with boundedly rational consumers.
Download pdf

Bateman, Hazel and Amandha Ganegoda:
Australia’s disappearing market for life annuities.
Download pdf

Bianchi, Robert:
The Search For Hedge Fund Alpha.
Download pdf

Blacklow, Paul and Aaron Nicholas:
Assessing graduate employment in the presence of endogeneity and sample selection bias.
Download pdf

Blackwell, Boyd:
The economics of ocean outfalls and wastewater in Australia: Some empirical evidence on a dog’s breakfast.
Download pdf

Bloch, Harry and Benjamin K. Agbenyegah:
Growth and Productivity in Australia.
Download pdf

Brokaw, Alan J., Patrick Joyce and Thomas E. Merz:
Stuck in the Middle: An Experimental Study on Sharing a Strategic Advantage in a Binary Choice Game.
Download pdf

Cabalu, Helen and Chassty Manuhutu:
Vulnerability of Natural Gas Supply in the Asian Gas Market.
Download pdf

Caia, Lixin and Amy Y.C. Liub:
Public-Private Wage Gap in Australia: Variation along the Distribution.
Download pdf

Cardak, Buly A., and Roger K. Wilkins:
The Determinants of Household Risky Asset Holdings: Background Risk and Other Factors.
Download pdf

Carne, Kerry:
The four E’s: education, earnings, experience and externalities.
Download pdf

Cheng, I-Hui, Ying-Yi Tsai and Leonard F.S. Wang:
R&D, Strategic Delegation and Market Share Competition.
Download pdf

Chiswick, Barry R. and Paul W. Miller:
The “negative” assimilation of immigrants: A special case.
Download pdf

Chowdhury, Shyamal and Futoshi Yamauchi:
Has Decentralization in Indonesia Led to Elite Capture or Reflection of Majority Preference?
Download pdf

Chowdhury, Khorshed:
Balassa-Samuelson Effect Approaching Fifty Years: Is it Retiring Early in Australia?
Download pdf

Clarke, Harry:
Adaptation Investments to Offset the Effects of Climate Change.
Download pdf

Coate, Bronwyn:
Who Benefits from the Growing Market for Indigenous Art? Evidence of Indigenous Differences and Creative Achievement in Australia.
Download pdf

Coccia, Mario:
What is the optimal rate of public and private R&D investment to maximize productivity growth?
Download pdf

Coleman, William:
Gauging Economic Performance under Changing Terms of Trade: Real Gross Domestic Income or Real Gross Domestic Product ?
Download pdf

Connolly, Greg:
Is the Trailing Inflationary Expectations Coefficient Less than One in Australia?
Download pdf

Cooray, Arusha:
The financial sector and economic growth?
Download pdf

Crase, Lin, and Sue O’Keefe:
The Paradox of National Water Savings.
Download pdf

Crettez, Bertrand and R´egis Deloche:
An Economic Analysis of the Aldo Moro Kidnapping and Assassination.
Download pdf

Deng, Xin, and Zhong Qin:
Ownership Structure, Performance and Determinants of Share Diffusion in Family Businesses: Evidence from China.
Download pdf

Dharmaratna, Dinusha:
Price Responsiveness of Residential Water Demand in Sri Lanka.
Download pdf

Dickenson-Jones, Giles, and Albert Wijeweera:
An Empirical Analysis of Price and Income Elasticities of Papua New Guinea’s Exports.
Download pdf

Dijkstra, Bouwe R. and Anuj J. Mathewa:
Liberalizing Trade in Environmental Goods.
Download pdf

Donald, Bruce:
Emerging patterns of Australia’s linkages with East Asia: a place in production networks?
Download pdf

Doucouliagos, Chris:
Theory Competition and Selectivity Are All Economic Facts Greatly Exaggerated?
Download pdf

Dreger, Christian and Jürgen Wolters:
M3 money demand and excess liquidity in the euro area.
Download pdf

Dulleck, Uwe, Franz Hackl, Bernhard Weiss and Rudolf Winter-Ebmer:
Behavior of Online Shoppers.
Download pdf

Earl, Peter E. and Tim Wakeley:
Student constructed learning and the potential for cognitive dissonance in the teaching of perfect competition.
Download pdf

Engelbrecht, Hans-Jürgen:
Happiness and the Sustainable Wealth of Nations.
Download pdf

Espinosa, Miguel, Pietro Bonaldi and Hernãn Vallejo:
Representations and identities for homogeneous technologies.
Download pdf

Fry, Tim R.L., Linda Grahlmann, Tristan Masters and Campbell Aitken:
Motivations of home-grown tobacco (chop-chop) smokers.
Download pdf

Gammon, Marie:
Women at Work - 1966, 1985, 2008. What Has Changed?
Download pdf

Gan, Quan and Robert J. Hill:
Measuring Housing Aordability: Looking Beyond the Median.
Download pdf

Haidar, Imad, Heping Panb, and Siddhivinayak Kulkarni:
Analysis of the Relation Between Crude Oil Futures Prices and Spot Price Using Nonlinear Artificial Neural Networks.
Download pdf

Harding, Ann, Quoc Ngu Vu, Robert Tanton and Yogi Vidyattama:
Improving work incentives for mothers: the national and geographic impact of liberalising the Family Tax Benefit income test.
Download pdf

Harrison, Robin and Samanthala Hettihewa:
The impact of macroeconomic variable and demographic structure on share prices - The case of New Zealand.
Download pdf

Hettihewa, Samanthala and Christopher S. Wright:
Globalization, demography, history and the Australian investor.
Download pdf

Hickson, Hayley Bree and Alfred Michael Dockery:
Is ignorance bliss? Exploring the links between education, expectations and happiness.
Download pdf

Higgs, Helen:
Modeling Price and Volatility Relationships in the Australian Wholesale Spot Electricity Markets Using Constant and Dynamic Conditional Correlation Multivariate GARCH Models.
Download pdf

Hirschberg, Joe and Jenny Lye:
A Geometric Comparison of the Delta and Fieller Confidence Intervals.
Download pdf

Hodgkinson, Ann and Alisa Percy:
Exploring student engagement for Generation Y: a pilot in Environmental Economics.
Download pdf

Hodgkinson, Ann and Abbas Valadkhani:
Community valuations of environmental quality in coastal lakes: Lake Illawarra case study.
Download pdf

Huynh, Elisabeth:
Portfolio Allocation and the Endogeneity of Wealth in Australian Households.
Download pdf

Innes, James:
Assessing the efficiency of impact reducing management measures in fisheries.
Download pdf

Islam, Asadul and Mark N. Harris:
Medium and Long-term Participation in Micro…finance: An Evaluation Using a Large Panel Data Set from Bangladesh.
Download pdf

Islam, Asadul:
Child labour and schooling responses to access to access to microcredit in rural Bangladesh.
Download pdf

Jensen, Paul and Beth Webster:
What Creates Abnormal Profits: Collusion, Efficiency or Strategy?
Download pdf

Kamalakanthan, Abhaya and Sukhan Jackson:
Supply Imbalance of Doctors in Australia: A Qualitative Analysis of the Retention and Recruitment of Rural GPs.
Download pdf

Kates, Steven and Alex Millmow:
The ‘History Wars’: The Near Death Experience of the History of Economic Thought in Australia.
Download pdf

Kauzi, Gae and Thomas Sampson:
Is the kina a commodity currency?
Download pdf

Khanam, R. and R. Ross:
Child Work and Other Determinants of School Attendance and School Attainment in Bangladeshi.
Download pdf

Kifle, Temesgen and Dr Parvinder Kler:
The Determinants of Financial Satisfaction: Evidence from African Immigrants in Australia.
Download pdf

Kim, Jae H., Iain Fraser and Rob J. Hyndman:
Improved Interval Estimation of Long Run Response from a Dynamic Linear Model: A Highest Density Region Approach.
Download pdf

Kim, Jae H. and Philip Inyeob Ji:
An Empirical Analysis of the Mean-Reversion Property of Real Interest Rates.
Download pdf

Kónya, László:
Panel Data Evidence of Human Development Convergence from 1975 to 2005.
Download pdf

Kremmer, Michael L. and Duc-Tho Nguyen:
The Differential Impact of Policy Intervention on Fatalities among Drivers and Non-Driving Road Users in Queensland, 1989-2006.
Download pdf

Lahiri, Radhika, and Elizabeth W. Richardson:
Public and Private Expenditures on Health in the Presence of Inequality and Endogenous Mortality: A Political Economy Perspective.
Download pdf

Lahiri, Radhika and Shyama Ratnasiri:
Growth Patterns and Wealth Inequality in the Presence of Costly Technology Adoption.
Download pdf

Lu, Xinsheng and Francis In:
The impact of monetary policy: The high frequency responses of Australian financial futures to cash rate target announcements.
Download pdf

Lye, Jenny and Joe Hirschberg:
A Re-evaluation of the Relationship between Drinking and Earnings.
Download pdf

Ma, Le and Chunlu Liu:
Estimating impacts of consumer prices on house prices.
Download pdf

Madsen, Jakob B.:
Human Capital and Growth.
Download pdf

Mahony, Greg and Philip E. T. Lewis:
Emerging Challenges for the Export of Australian Educational Services.
Download pdf

Mahuteau, Stephane and Massimiliano Tani:
Labour market success and skill acquisition in the host country:
effects on the duration and the labour force status of Moroccans, Algerians, and Tunisians migrants returning home from the European Union.

Download pdf

Makin, Anthony and Paresh Narayan:
Has international trade in saving improved US economic welfare?
Download pdf

Martin, Will and Cong S. Pham:
Estimating the Gravity Model When Zero Trade Flows Are Frequent.
Download pdf

McKenzie, Jordi:
Underlying Seasonality in the Presence of Increasing Returns to Information: Empirical Evidence from the Australian Motion Picture Industry.
Download pdf

McKissack, Adam, Jennifer Chang, Robert Ewing and Jyoti Rahman:
Structural effects of a sustained rise in the terms of trade. Treasury Working Paper.
Download pdf

Mehrara, Mohsen, Seyed Mohammad Hossein Sadr, Mahdi Ahrari and Atefeh Shahabadi Farahani:
The Effects Of Globalization On Non-Oil Export Of Iran.
Download pdf

Mendolia, Silvia, and Denise Doiron:
The impact of job loss on family dissolution.
Download pdf

Mervin, Merehau Cindy and Sukhan Jackson:
Is there a significant relationship between hospital resources and long waiting time for elective surgery in Australian public hospitals?
Download pdf

Messinis, George:
Overeducation, overskilling and second generation Australians.
Download pdf

Miranti, Riyana, Ann Harding, Vu Quoc Ngu, Justine McNamara and Robert Tanton:
Children with Jobless Parents: National and Small Area Trends for Australia in the Past Decade.
Download pdf

Mischa, Florian, Norman Gemmella and Richard Knelle:
Business Perceptions, Fiscal Policy and Growth.

Download pdf

Mistry, Mitesh, Andrew Worthington, Dionigi Gerace and Chandra Gulati:
The impact of trading-restricted, business days and trading, non-business days on Australian small-cap, large-cap and market returns.
Download pdf

Mubarak, Adnan:
Role of foreign assistance in economic development of Pakistan.
Download pdf

Muenthaisong, Kasinee, and Unggoon:
WongtragoonCommercial farming and Contract Farmers in Thailand.
Download pdf

Nahar, Bodrun and Mahinda Siriwardana:
Analyzing the Impact of Trade Reforms on Bangladesh Economy: A CGE Approach.
Download pdf

Neri, Frank and Yumiko Meloche:
Attendance and Performance in a Large Economics Class.
Download pdf

O’Donnell, Rod:
Monetary and fiscal policy inconsistency in Australia and its wider implications.
Download pdf

O’Donnell, Rod:
Why aren’t economics departments providing graduates with desired skill sets?
Download pdf

Parasnis, Jaai and Svetlana Maslyuk:
The Determinants of New Zealand Migration: Comparing Migration to and from Australia and the United Kingdom.
Download pdf

Pelli, Martino:
Oil Shocks and the Great Moderation: Different Sources, Different Effects.
Download pdf

Qin, Zhong and Guibin Zhang:
Models of Trust-Sharing in Chinese Private Enterprises.
Download pdf

Rahman, Mohammad Mafizur:
Australian Housing Market: Causes and Effects of Rising Price.
Download pdf

Rastogi, Siddhartha K.:
A Cross-Country Study for Exploring Skewed Female - Male Ratio.
Download pdf

Resosudarmo, Budy P. and Frank Jotzo:
Decomposing CO2 emission from fossil fuel combustions in Indonesia to understand the options for mitigation.
Download pdf

Rodgers Joan R. and John L. Rodgers:
Contributions of Longitudinal Data to Poverty Measurement in Australia.
Download pdf

Rushdi, Mustabshira and Jae H. Kim:
Long run relationship between real stock return and inflation in Australia.
Download pdf

Sadr, Seyed Mohammad Hossein, Mohsen Mehrara, Atefeh Shahabadi Farahani:
Threshold effects in the relationship between oil revenues and growth in oil exporting countries.
Download pdf

Sakho-Jimbira, Maam Suwadu, and Céline Bignebat:
Local diversification of income sources versus migration: Complements or Substitutes? A case study from rural Senegal.
Download pdf

Sane, Renuka and John Piggott:
Does age-pension means testing cause over consumption of housing?: evidence from Australia.
Download pdf

Sato, Kiyotaka, Zhaoyong Zhang and David Allen:
The Suitability of a Monetary Union in East Asia: What does the Cointegration Approach Tell?
Download pdf

Shapiro, Perry and Jonathan Pincus:
Efficiency and Equity in the Assemblage of Land for Public Use: The L2H2 Auction.
Download pdf

Sikdar, Shiva and Harvey E. Lapan:
Strategic environmental policy under free trade with transboundary pollution.
Download pdf

Siminski, Peter:
What Would the Average Public Sector Employee be Paid in the Private Sector?
Download pdf

Singh Sarjit:
The Dynamics of Australian Poverty Persistence.
Download pdf

Stewart Mark F., Heather Mitchell, Constantino Stavros:
Does the AFL draft under value indigeneous Australian footballers?
Download pdf

Sugaharaay, Kota, Zhiwei Cena, and Junko Doi:
Are they keeping up with Tokyo?: an empirical analysis of consumption externalities between regions of Japan.
Download pdf

Susamto, Akhmad Akbar:
Government expenditure size and happiness: Empirical evidence.
Download pdf

Suzuki, Tomoya:
Age, Wage and Suicide: Economic Modelling of Suicide.
Download pdf

Swift, Robyn:
How Much Do Improvements in Health Contribute to Economic Growth: Long-run Evidence from the OECD Countries.
Download pdf

Tang, Xueli and Debasis Bandyopadhyay:
Redistributive Policies and TFP Differences Across Countries.
Download pdf

Tang, Tommy and Tim Robinson:
Development of the “Economic Thinking Ability” Construct and its Applications in Economics Education.
Download pdf

Tang, Tommy and Tim Robinson:
Perceptions of Assessment Demands in Economics – Implications for Economics Education Research.
Download pdf

Tawadros, George B.:
Is the GCC also a common currency area?
Download pdf

Taylor, Matt and Nick Carroll:
Explaining the decline in Unemployment Benefit numbers in Australia: The role of Registration, Exit and Re-entry.
Download pdf

Thomas, Mathew and Craig Lawrence:
Real options: Applications in public economics.
Download pdf

Torgler, Benno, Markus Schaffner, Bruno S. Frey, and Sascha L. Schmidt:
Looking Awkward When Winning and Foolish When Losing: Inequity Aversion and Performance in the Field.
Download pdf

Tsafack, Esther:
International trade and the French demand for labour.
Download pdf

Valadkhani, Abbas, Surachai Chancharat and Charles Harvie:
Identifying the Pattern of International Stock Return Co-movements.
Download pdf

Verma, R. and E. J. Wilson:
A Multivariate Analysis of Savings, Investment, Foreign Capital - Inflows and Economic Growth in India.
Download pdf

Verma, Reetu and Nelson Perera:
An empirical analysis of sustainability of trade deficit: Evidence from south Asian countries.
Download pdf

Vurens van Es, Robert and Alfred Michael Dockery:
Indigenous Australians in the Labour Market: Exploring the Role of Social Capital.
Download pdf

Wei, Hui:
Measuring Economic Returns to Post-school Education in Australia: Evidence from the 1981- 2006
Australian Censuses

Download pdf

Wen, Mei:
Internet Diffusion in Australia.
Download pdf

Whitwell, Richard B:
A Note on the Need for Transparency in the Application of Anti-Dumping Duties.
Download pdf

Wilson, Clevo and Wasantha Athukorala:
Groundwater Extraction Externalities: Accounting for Quantity Depletion and Quality Deterioration Simultaneously.
Download pdf

Wilson, Clevo, Clem Tisdell and Wasantha Athukorala:
Nature-Based Tourism In Lesser Known Species And Their Implications For Conservation.
Download pdf

Wilson, E. J:
A Critique of Modelling and Estimating the Effects of Consistent Conditional Variance Expectations on Exchange Rates.
Download pdf

Worthington, A.C.:
Modelling the usage and understanding of financial products: An empirical analysis of Australian owner-occupied and investor mortgages.
Download pdf

Xu, Jessica, Richard Harris and Peter Robertson:
Education Reforms in China: The Implications of Rapid Skill Accumulation.
Download pdf

Yan, Yong Hong and Graeme Wells:
Modelling asset market dynamics under a fixed exchange rate and an application to the Chinese economy.
Download pdf

Yokoo, Hide-Fumi:
Recycling versus Landfilling: A Cost Minimization Approach to Municipal Waste Management.
Download pdf

Yu, Peng:
Is There a Causal Relationship between Parental Income Support Receipt and Child Mortality? An Analysis of a Cohort of Australian Children.
Download pdf

Zaidi, Mohd Azlan Shah:
Monetary Policy and the Role of Credit in Malaysia: A SVAR Analysis.
Download pdf

Zhu, Xiaoneng:
What Does the Global Yield Curve Tell about World Economic Activity?
Download pdf