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- Gary Banks
- Chairman of the Productivity
- Commission
- (Productivity Commission)

- Kathryn Dominguez

- Professor of Public Policy and
- Economics
- (Federal Treasury)

- Ian MacFarlane
- Former RBA Governor 
- (Goldman Sachs)

- Charles Perrings
- Professor of Environmental
- Economics
- (UQ)

- John Quiggin
- Head of RSMG
- (UQ)

- Adonis Yatchew
- Editor ‘The Energy Journal’
- (courtesy QUT)

- Joshua Gans
- Professor of Management
- (Information Economics)
- (University of Melbourne)

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Queensland Treasury Corporation

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Goldman Sachs

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The International Review of Economics Education


Travel by Air

The Gold Coast can be reached via two airports – Coolangatta and Brisbane airport.

Distances from the airport
Coolangatta - Gold Coast: approximately 20km
Brisbane - Gold Coast: 80km

Shuttles/Airtrain from the airport to the Gold Coast
Shuttle/Train from Coolangatta to Gold Coast visit:
Shuttle/Train from Brisbane to Gold Coast visit:

More Information:

Domestic Airlines who serve Coolangatta and Brisbane airport,,

International Airlines
International airlines also have direct flights but mostly to the Brisbane airport. Please see airlines/foreign destinations from Coolangatta, Gold Coast airport

Prices for Flight Tickets
Price of tickets of vary a great deal flying into the two airports and also according to the airline and date of booking etc.